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Application [Sep. 25th, 2006|03:28 pm]
Stigmatic Children


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Full Name: Heather Rae
Nicknames: Hachi, Mina, Selphy
Age: 20
Emails: selphykitty@gmail.com
Phone numbers: You should have my phone number!~ ^.^ I can send it again if you didn't get the e-mail.
Interested character: Yuffie Kisaragi <3
What conventions have you attended in the past?
VisionCon 2004, Kunicon STL 2005, Ohayocon 06, Show-Me Con 06, ACen 06, Otakon 06.

I am getting ready for Reactor 06 and I am planning a list of conventions for 07. (Ohayocon, Show-Me Con, ACen, Otakon, Anime Iowa and Reactor once again.)

What costumes have you made, accessories, etc.?
Videl - DragonBall Z
Lenne - Final Fantasy X-2
Asuka Langley Soryu Sundress - Neon Genesis Evangelion
Momo Adachi - Peach Girl
Sailor V - Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Super Sailor Venus - Sailor Moon
Minako Aino Middle School Seifuku - Sailor Moon
Yuffie Kisaragi - Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus
Gun - Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis
Selphie Tilmitt - Kingdom Hearts 2 (For a Friend)
Manga Super Sailor Chibi Moon - Sailor Moon

What got you interested in cosplay and FFVII/Advent Children in the first place? And the character you wish to be? Why do you wish to be that person so much?
I started cosplaying in 2002. I had seen a couple pictures online of people dressed up like my favorite characters so I researched it and found what it was all about. I took the opportunity to "cosplay" for Super Hero day at school. At that time I didn't really know anything about conventions, cosplay as just something my best friend at the time and I thought was cool. Then, in 2004 I attended my first convention, I didn't cosplay but I saw quite a few and it sparked my interest leading to 2005 where I cosplayed for the first time at a convention. THEN, this year I made a BUTTLOAD of fantastic new friends and I have been traveling about attending conventions ALL year! ^.^

I have always been a big Final Fantasy fan. The first costume I wore to a convention was Lenne from Final Fantasy X-2. And I have since completed 3 Final Fantasy costumes. FF7 has always been one of my favorite games, and Yuffie my favorite character. It wasn't untill recently that I decided to start cosplay Yuffie. Sometimes, I don't think she gets enough love, she is such an adorable character! ^.^ Besides, my friends say I fit the role rather well. <3<3<3<3

Pictures please. Of costumes and yourself if you'd like.

Here are a few pictures, if you want to see more you can visit my cosplay.com account. ^.~

DOC Yuffie
Better pictures after Reactor in October when the costume will be COMPLETE!

More pictures after Reactor in October, including new wig.


Sorry if some of this has been seen before. LOL. ^.~

[User Picture]From: haldir_whore
2006-09-26 09:37 am (UTC)
Well I said in the info that filling out some of it might get redundant especially if you were in another one of my groups. LOL.
But yesh. Congratulations! Yuffie Kisaragi is yours! Hee. We've become such fast friends and I absolutely love it. But I have a q for juu.
But yesh, looks like we'll be roomies again whenever this group debuts which I hope is this next year or in the fall or somethin'. I'd always wanted to talk to you and be friends and I'm so glad we finally are.
But I do have a question. I'm confident I can do Sailor Cosmos, sew it and all that. But as of money problems lately due to hospital bills and fighting with the insurance, my mom's promise to buy me a new machine since my old one is ancient is on hold right now. Michi offered to buy me one for Christmas for like two hundred bucks. And I was like eeeeeeeee..nuu pend so much money on my silly self.
Anyway. I can make props for people easy in celest_soldiers and sew things for other people but. With all the cosplay work I already have to. I believe I posted just SOME of it in my LJ, cuz I have cosplay stuff to make for friends too. Some will be by hand. And I'm making gifts for people. Which, would you like a cutsie hand puppet/Ufo catcher of a char? Name it and it shall be made! Teehee.
But anyway, with all the work I have to do. Especially for the two upcoming cons. Sugoi and Neko and Heather's visit since it's lookin' she'll be here for the two cons and be here for a visit since my mom said she'd pay for half the plane ticket. Heather here = more important than machine to me at the moment since she is my fiancee and I havent seen her for two years. Anyway, what I'm trying to ask you is. I can make the staff for Cosmos no problem. I mean you're talking to the girl who made Loz's weapon? And of course there was no electrocution, but I welded it and made a triggering mechanism so it shot out like in the movie. I'M A MYTHBUSTER! Anyway, I can take care of the shoes. I'll find a wig to either modify myself or hsve somone do since i'm working on this and that. But. As I look at the colored version of Cosmos manga pic with ChbiChibi at her feet. Christ Id love to have that for Sugoi, Neko or Ohayo but anyway. I think I'm going to have to have it comissioned. The rest of the outfit, accessories. No earrings. I can make the things for the shoes but anyway. Like I said besides the staff, shoes. I think I'll have to have the outfit commissioned. And I ugh. Hate going on ebay and having some ass fuck it royally. But, would you commission it for me? Hey and if it's rushed I'll totally pay you more. ::Paws at:: Prease? I want to be a beautiful cosmos. I love your work. And I am dying to cosplay her more than once. As said I always loved the character, always wanted to cosplay her. Just think. You'll get mooooonies!
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[User Picture]From: selphy_kitty
2006-09-26 05:25 pm (UTC)
Oh my gosh! I feel so honored! Seriously! I am always so nervous making things for other people, but I would love to if you would like me to!!~~ To tell you the truth, I have always wanted to attempt to make Cosmos' outfit, I think it is so pretty!

I might be able to have it done by Ohayocon, then you wouldn't have to pay for shipping, I could just give it to you in person. Most of my Ohayocon costumes are easy, so some extra sewing shouldn't be a problem. ^.~

Depending on when you want me to start on things, I can go out as soon as I get some mesurments from you and do some pricing. Just get in contact with me through e-mail! ^.~
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