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Applying [Oct. 14th, 2006|02:08 pm]
Stigmatic Children

Full Name: Jamie Allison Edith Williams (say that five times fast)
Nicknames: Luna
Age: 28
Emails: gothicanime@yahoo.com
Phone numbers:
What conventions have you attended in the past? Small cons in Alabama and Georgia
What costumes have you made, accessories, etc.? Kagome from Inuyasha so for
What got you interested in cosplay and FFVII/Advent Children in the first place? I loved FFVII in the first place. Reno: Why do I want to cosplay him? He is a cocky bitch I love him he sexy anyways.

And of course:
Pictures please. Of costumes and yourself if you'd like.

[User Picture]From: haldir_whore
2006-10-16 10:30 pm (UTC)
All rightie, everything seems to be in order. Congratulations! You are accepted as Reno.

The only thing that I ask is when purchasing a wig for this costume, please please PLEASE don't get a lousy one. I've seen so many horrible Reno wigs that it makes me weep. ::Weeps in hands.::

Heehee. But anyway, welcome to the group!
I'm going to email you now, with my cellular number, way you can contact me.
My email is slashorama@aol.com. I will need your contact information as well. Welcome to the group!
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